I’m so honored that LOVE, HATE & OTHER FILTERS is a Global Read Aloud pick for 2018! Looking forward to the next 6 weeks of conversations with teachers and students from around the world.

Have questions about Maya’s journey? Her dreams and challenges? The structure? The plot? The setting (my hometown!)? Feel free to tag me on Twitter or Instagram  and I’ll get to as many of them as I can! Please use the #GRA18 and #GRALove hashtags so others in the community can be a part of the discussion!

To learn a bit more about me, check out this packet that includes an author’s note, extended bio, Q&A and a list of questions about LOVE, HATE & OTHER FILTERS that I hope can spark discussions in your classrooms! #GRALovepacket

Keep an eye out on Twitter for a couple Skype drawings for a classroom visit. More details soon!

Happy reading!

Global Read Aloud reading schedule for LOVE, HATE & OTHER FILTERS:

Week 1:  Chapters 1 – 4

Week 2:  Chapters 5 – 8

Week 3:  Chapters 9 – 12

Week 4: Chapters 13 – 16

Week 5: Chapters 17 – 20

Week 6: Chapters 21 – End