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2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Dear Samira,
    I just finished (crying) reading Love, Hate & Other Filters. I wanted to tell you what a terrible story it was, how hard it is to still read and believe in 2020.
    I’m an old man now and hoped that people would get beyond color or gender or religion or clothing or sexual orientation and on and on before I died but you beautifully reminded me that hatred is alive and well.
    For some reason I was born white. Not rich but white. Better than that I was born to parents who beat into us (not physically) to never judge people before or after we knew them; not by color or income or religion or any other of the things people hate about each other. What a gift because I have known so many great people who are all different than me. I even married one – she’s a woman.
    To never know people who are different is a tragedy. To hurt them or kill them is beyond comprehension. I’m sorry for you and how you’ve been treated because it’s my fault too. I’m your brother in this world and I should do more.
    What a beautiful story you were still able to tell through the heartbreak and fear and hatred that is still alive. I loved your characters and it really seemed more fact than fiction.
    Maybe what I should really take from this story is hope but I’m running out of it. I can’t even begin to get into our leadership as we’ve taken huge steps backwards.
    Please know how important your writing is and how much I enjoyed (and hated) reading it. You truly have a gift to share.
    Don’t you give up because some stupid old white guy might be.
    Sincerely yours,
    Dan Pintner
    Cleveland, Ohio

    1. Hi Dan, I just happened to see this as it popped up. Thank you for the kind words. Be well. Be safe. And take care of yourself. Even in dark, difficult times like this, I still believe there is hope to be found and shared. -SA

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